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Just in: Boulez cancels his Christmas concerts

Pierre Boulez has been praying that his troubled eyes would recover sufficiently to allow him to resume conducting beforee the year is out. Sadly, that is not to be. He had two concerts scheduled with the Orchestre de Paris this week and has finally recognised that he can’t make it. Mikko Franck will step in. But Boulez says he will be in the audience, both nights.

One of the concerts was a free event at the Pyramide of the Louvre, of which Boulez said that he ’apprécie particulièrement l’atmosphère féérique de ces soirées sous l’écrin de verre et de lumière de Pei et la proximité avec le public.’

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  1. We can only wish Pierre Boulez a quick recovery. This was really an annus horibilis for him. Let us hope 2013 will be better and that he will be able to do the concert scheduled in february at the Cité de la Musique. The program is particularly interesting, since he is going to conduct, among other things, a piece by Grisey (it must be a first time!) and a creation by Manoury. Let us hope his eye problems are behind him until then.

    • Sir

      Boulez has recorded a movement from Les Espaces Acoustiques by Boulez – on Erato (I think!)


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