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Just in: Arab state appoints a female music director (you read it here first)

We told you, exclusively, two months ago that Han-Na Chang, the Korean cellist, as to be music director of the Qatar Philharmonic.

The appointment was confirmed this morning. It’s terrific news.

Chang, 29, is a formidable musical personality. She may be the first music director in the Arab world. She is certainly the first with an international career and global aspirations.

han-na chang

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  1. “Formidable musical personality” Maybe, as a cellist. But as a director? At her age? Am rather sceptical.
    Of course, Quatar has plenty of money to give her more than all the support she needs. And lots of publicity.
    In her romantic PR photo, one gets the impression of a dreamy, romantic person. Maybe with an iron will.
    As usual, time will show. Her activities will be watched closely.

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