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Child molester was Dorothy DeLay’s secretary at Juilliard

The conviction of a California musician for sexual offences against small children has sent shock waves among graduates and staff of the Juilliard School of Music which, while Dorothy DeLay taught there, was considered the #1 destination for ambitious violinists.

Ms DeLay, who died in 2002, was both a motherly teacher and a fast-track courier to a music career, with a flush of top contacts in the agency world. Some of her pst students have told us that the convicted felon acted for at least one school year as her assistant, organising her diary and arranging (or withholding) access for fellow-students who sought special appointments or entry to her daily 5-7 masterclasses. He is described as generally agreeable, but fond of boasting of his access to Ms DeLay and his close friendship with a fellow-student who went on to much greater things.

He succeeded Mrs Stillwell as the guardian of Ms DeLay’s day. He also claims to have taught a technique class at the school.

A list of his movie credits includes work on Star Trek and, unfortunately, Little Children.


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  1. Thank you for reporting this, Norman.

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