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Is she one of ours?

The unfailingly entertaining has posted an altogether decorous but inadvertently unidentified portrait of this mum-to-be,  taken (as are most things on the site) from her publicity material.

The site is dedicated to classical music, so we are encouraged to assume that she is one of ours. But is she? And what piece is the pose supposed to illustrate? Slipped Disc’s expert iconographers are perplexed. Do help, if you can.

The mystery has been cracked by Joep Bronkhorst (see comments). Does it answer the headline question?


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  1. Galen Johnson says:

    A pregnant pause?

  2. The Bartered Bride?

  3. james brinton says:

    Madama Butterfly, obviously.

  4. Wolfgang Marx says:

    Cio-Cio San/Butterfly between acts 1 and 2?

  5. I don’t know about its connection to classical music other than as it may relate to the creative process of composing and performing.

    It brings to mind a poem of the 3rd to 4th century imperial concubine Zuo Fen on just that subject, where on one level, the water bubble is also the symbol of a womb distended, and on another the notion of creation, i.e., of nature, man, art, etc. The poem reads as follows

    Rhapsody on a Water Bubble (Fu’ou fu)

    When I observe the creation of all things and beings,
    Nothing appears as numinous as the water bubble.
    It draws on the essence of yin to display its splendor.
    And depends on a drop of rain to achieve its form.
    It is not rooted in an independent existence,
    But rather relies on other things for its life.
    It embodies the brightness of pearly light
    And resembles the earliest onset of frost.
    Its colors shine fresh as they glisten and glitter,
    It looks like a heavy dewdrop about to fall.
    Its death is not a long dissolving,
    Its life is not an endless stay:
    Its rise does not seek complications,
    Its demise also takes the easy way.

  6. José Bergher says:

    Ma Mère l’Oye. Or Phojola’s Daughter.

  7. José Bergher says:

    Correction: Pohjola’s Daughter.

  8. Paul D. Sullivan, Boston US says:

    Yum-Yum. Eight months after hooking up with Naki-poo.

  9. David Bechtel says:

    Looks like Michelle Yeoh to me.

  10. Joep Bronkhorst says:

    It’s Angela Jia Kim:

    There’s a shot of the full album cover here, about halfway down:

  11. Just had another look to check it wasn’t Kate Middleton….

  12. Never heard of her before. But what a beautiful picture.
    A quick glance at her website seems to show a pattern of CD covers in various states of undress.
    I don’t know whether to make some churlish comment about music babes (a la Vanessa Mae) where the CD cover may be more appealing than the CD, or to acknowledge that some people have both looks and brilliance (Wang YuJia, Sarah Chang, Joshua Bell – to avoid too much gender bias) and if they want to there is nothing wrong sharing it. Small comfort for those of us with neither…..

  13. Hello…calling Jasper Parrott please….hello,….is Jasper there…..? When can we see her in your roster?

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