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Irresistible! An ironic history of cricket intoned as an Anglican hymn

All that’s wanting is a Geoffrey Boycott solo.

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  1. james brinton says:

    Reminds me of Geoffrey Burgon.

  2. Splendid! But your terminology is a somewhat adrift. An intoned chant is not a hymn.

  3. Paul Kelly says:

    Amusing and nicely sung. But such an ancient idea. I remember Masters at my Prep school amusing us at the end of term by singing the school rules as a Psalm – over 40 years ago.. Possibly exactly the same Psalm too.

  4. Sorry to be a pain about ‘terminology’. I’m sure you all know this before I mention it, anyway. ‘The Rules of cricket’? Cricket has laws, not rules!

  5. Robin Tyson says:

    Also on that CD from The London Quartet there is also a sung version, in the style of Arvo Pärt, of the text from the well-known “ins and outs” cricket tea towel. for a preview…

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