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How you can help the Landfill Harmonic

Thousands of Slipped Disc readers and viewers have been moved by the extraordinary project to create an orchestra out of child workers and the junk they shift in one of the most hopeless places on earth.

Here’s how the US-based film makers say you can help.

We have received tons of messages from people wanting to donate musical instruments. Thank you very much to all of you!! 

We have set up an “instruments bank” at our production studios in Phoenix, AZ. 

It is not a non-profit yet. So, we can’t issue “donation” receipts, but we will gladly receive and ship the instruments to Cateura or to similar programs all over the world. (we will have to raise funds for shipping costs later on! but that is another story) For the time being, please send your musical instruments to: 

The Landfill Harmonic Project
Eureka Productions Inc.
3419 E. University Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85034


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  1. If this is real it is wonderful. But I hope the documentary reveals much more substantive documentation of what it is purporting. Some things in the teaser are a little off like the foley of the soundtrack and the players’ movement. It smells to me a little like a KONY 2012 for “heartstrings” until we see a little more. Let’s hope not – and that what is being proclaimed is not exaggerated or manufactured for the sake of some filmmaker’s ambition.

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