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How Mozart invented the modern Christmas

He didn’t, of course, but it’s the sort of myth that society, religion and the music business would like you to believe.

In an essay in the year-end edition of Standpoint magazine, I dismember some of the more pernicious fabrications that have been attached to the miracle Salzburg, usually around the time he has a major anniversary coming up.

There was Mozart the noble Aryan.

mozart hitlerMozart, God’s best composer. Mozart who makes babies come easier. Mozart who gets them born cleverer. Mozart the ultimate relaxant (vide Classic FM). Mozart the moneymaker.

mozart white christmas

Read all about the inventions here. I’m thinking of launching a musicians’ campaign to save what remains of Mozart from the myth makers.


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  1. Murray White says:

    Dissemble. You mean the opposite, disassemble?

  2. Excellent. Thanks.

  3. Norman. I have a horrible confession to make. I listen to music because I enjoy it! Now I know that might sound strange to someone of the hair shirt brigade who thinks that hearing great music is the equivalent of lying on a bed of nails. After all, that’s the only reason someone would listen to Boulez, isn’t it? I am one of these dreadful people who thinks Mozart’s music is as near perfection as one is likely to get on the earth. I’m really sorry you have to get into a huff about someone being so good as to write such sublime stuff as Mazart did. And those awful people who market it! Dreadful! Especially that wicked HvK who was responsible for all the evils of humanity. In fact, you managed to blame HvK even though he wasn’t even a small part of Phillips’ Complete Mozart Edition. And btw, the Nazis also used Beethoven’s music to try and boost their cause. Going to blame him as well? I mean, at least Wagner appears to have been a proper Nazi anti-semite. Sorry, I thought your article was typical of much of your writing in that you try and make a case by putting every negative generalisation you can find. As for me, I am going to blithely enjoy Mozart in all his glorious genius. What are you going to say to that? Too many notes, Mozart?

  4. Ironically, some who complain about Mozart fail to understand that he was…simply…different.

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