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Happy ending: Juilliard grad gets her viola

Crista Kende appeared on Slipped Disc at the start of the month, appealing for help in her fundraising scheme to buy a new viola.

What do you know? She got it.

Indiegogo Post from Crista Kende on Vimeo.


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  1. Well done to Crista and all those who have supported her. That’s a brilliant result and I hope she has a fantastic time getting to know her new viola.

  2. penelope knuth says:

    Approve of the choice of maker! His instruments sound beautiful!

  3. I have trouble understanding why the general public would help fund her purchase of an instrument, but even more why she would want to go on youTube to poor-mouth about how she needs one.

    I need numerous new things that I cannot afford, and I have the good sense and taste not to go about it this way. There are countless musicians out there with subpar instruments, and countless musicians of means who have fine ones.

    What’s wrong, mommy and daddy lost their cash reserves in the 2008 recession? She doesn’t strike me as a plausible charity case, and I can only imagine what players on the NY freelance scene who are actually paying their own bills by gigging must think of this girl.

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