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First video: Vladimir Putin lays wreath on coffin of Galina Vishnevskaya

Watch the video here.

These still images of the lying in state come from Ria-Novosti/Lebrecht Music&Arts. The funeral is taking place this morning. (Apologies for the copyright watermarks.)

Funeral service for opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya Funeral service for opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya funeral service3

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  1. Good comment Reiner. I have to say that had I been a member of the family, I would have told Mr Putin in no uncertain terms what he could do with his wreath…

    • Dr. Marc Villeger says:

      Were you two previewed to the nature and content of Ms. Vichnevskaya’s conversations with Mr. Putin?

    • Good idea, Rosalind, but those would probably become your last (freely spoken) words.

  2. Stephen Carpenter says:

    He has the wreath and his moment.
    What he doesn’t have is her art and her liveliness.
    That’s what we have and we should all redouble our efforts to keep all art alive and thriving no matter where no matter what, no matter when, no matter how. That seems to me to be her struggle and her victory. Just think- the music of the spheres just took on a little more brightness.

  3. plz guys the galina story is NOT black and white, there is more to Galina than u think of but out of “respect” i won’t comment any further.

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