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Domingo makes a travesty of Gheorghiu’s Brel tribute

Mny of us were deeply moved by the video of Angela Gheorghiu singing Jacquel Brel’s La Chanson des Vieux Amants with the great Dutch artist Jeroen Willens, who died this week.

You can watch it here.

After that, you may not wish to listen to Placido Domingo’s cover on his latest album with the French fusion singer, Zaz.

If you insist, I can’t stop you:

It gets worse…. we’ve been sent a live version:

He sounds like he’s got a bad cold, but that’s nothing compared to the bad interpretation.

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  1. Why is Placido Domingo singing this song with Zaz? I have never heard of the latter person in my life. There is no communication between them and their voices certainly don’t blend. It is time for Placido Domingo to retire before he is only remembered for egregious performances like this one!

    • I agree with you completely. Maybe Domingo needs money? But I hardly think so. Why these 2 got together is beyond me.

  2. Robert Levine says:

    Otello fu. Tacky AND he looks so uncomfortable. Why is he bothering?

  3. Neil van der Linden says:

    Probably Zaz is under contract with Sony as well, for whom this CD was made. And maybe she is very popular somewhere on the planet.

  4. Money, money, money…never enough…so sad..

  5. Alexandra MacKay Binnie says:

    I agree and have been saying for years that he should retire as he is becoming an even bigger joke. I know of no other singer who has sung so much with everyone, everywhere and with all his attendant publicity!

  6. …his conducting is worse;)

  7. Pardon me for being naiive, but could it not be that Domingo simply enjoys performing? From what I have seen of him in recent years, it seems he loves to support other (especially young, up-and-coming) musicians of various genre. I have always felt that he was perhaps being open-minded in his musical interests. I am not convinced that his motive would be to make more and more money. Perhaps he should consider retirement from the stage, but look at Tony Bennett. By the way, I don’t see what all the fuss is about Tony Bennett. He is not that great a singer. (Excuse me if I compare apples and oranges and stray off topic).

    • Neil van der Linden says:

      It is a bit what I said before. The man enjoys doing what he thinks might be a new challenge and to work with several younger artist in various fields. These artists are partly part of the record company’s plan, if you see the rostrum. But still for Domingo the fun factor will be a major consideration. Probably he had more laughs than when he still did Parsifal and Otello until quite recently. Meanwhile he can be assured that he did those in an impeccable way until recently.

  8. Richard Barker says:

    Does anybody object too strongly if I don’t bother to listen to either????
    Thanks very much.

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