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Disgraced: Menuhin and Juilliard graduate pleads guilty to child molestation

Read the sordid details here. The perpetrator spent five years at the Menuhin School where he won a national competition. He graduated from Juilliard in 1994 and was concertmaster for 11 years of a respected orchestra. He will be sentenced next week.


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  1. I read the details of this incident. When I read the comments of the cello teacher at the school, a Ms. Edmondson, who in part said she would trust Hallmark “without reservations to work with students of all ages”, I question her comment. From what I can gather, the man plead guilty to exposing his private parts to 5 year olds. Perhaps he should teach and play with adults for a while.

  2. Constance E Barrett says:

    A recent article by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker beautifully describes the mind of a pedophile. Going through the Jerry Sandusky case, Gladwell points to the behaviour of those who find ways to keep trust going with the community while gaining access to young children for their exploitive and abusive actions. I can understand Margaret Edmondson’s confusion; pedophiles are so remarkably clever at behaving in ways that make us question our own judgment. How do we know whom and what to believe?

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