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China’s first 100-CD classical box – a Karajan in the making?

From our own correspondent in Beijing:

The China Philharmonic Orchestra released a 100 CDs box-set at the press conference on Dec 7th in Beijing under the label DR Classics. This commercial release is selected from 105 live concerts since 2008 featuring 213 pieces of work, including a sensational production of Handel’s Semele in 2010 during the Beijing Music Festival directed by Zhang Huan, a co-production between BMF and La Monnaie.

Ten vinyls and ten blu-ray discs of selected programmes were released early this year. It is said that the release will be a strong contender for the Grammy 2013. The Grammy signed a framework deal with the Beijing Music Festival two years ago. Long Yu is the artistic director of both BMF and China Phil.

 photo: CAMI

DR Classics now handles the live recording for China Phil and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, both with Long Yu as artistic director. It is also recording for Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, whose music director is a protege of Yu. The ambitious and politically well-connected conductor is the kingpin of classical music in China. Some have begun to call him Karajan.

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  1. Steve de Mena says:

    The 100 CD set features many western conductors too, not just Long Yu.

  2. Peter - a different one from the other Peter says:

    I would not pay for recordings of Yu Long myself. Remembering all too vividly attending some of his concerts where he seemed to stand in front of his orchestra and go through the motion of conducting, but the band was playing on auto pilot. The worst was a memorable Verdi Requiem, some time in 2001. Memorable for the wrong reasons. Some miscounting among the trumpets must have gone on during the Dies Irei, for instead of the glorious trumpet triplet fanfare (at bar 127) before the Tuba Mirum there was a bar of complete silence – an unexpected general pause. It was followed by the thunderous orchestral entry a bar later, together with the missing trumpet fanfare. I have no idea if it was it miscounting or a mis cue, but the trumpets were unanimous in their entry a bar late. Astonishingly, though, it happened again four bars later - with no perceptible response from Yu Long, the trumpets missed their entry a second time, leaving another gap of silence, and blasted their way in, a bar afterwards. And a third time some bars after that. 
    Forgive me if I misjudge him, but he seemed a man with great connections, but not great musicianship.

  3. Yu & CPO not worth 100CDs.

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