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Cellist alert: the one and only, never lonely, Leonard Rose

We have been asked to post this Youtube compilation of rare footage and recordings of the great American cellist (1918-1984).

It has been made as an adjunct to his book on Rose by Steven Honigberg, a cellist in the National Symphony Orchestra.

Feast your ears and eyes.

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  1. Peter - a different one from the other Peter says:

    Wonderful. A joy to hear. And a nice christmas gift for all cellists. Thank you for posting.

  2. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    A remarkable document, Norman. Thanks for posting it. Those photos are a real history of string playing and teaching in the USA in the 20th century. Required listening and viewing for every young instrumentalist (and maybe a few old ones, too)

  3. I was moved to tears by the end of the video, can’t say that ever happened to me before. Best Christmas video release ever!

  4. I would like to have his bow arm — just for one day!

    • If your mother is Zoe, Jeffrey, the picture of Rose on my wall (a copy of the original photograph) is inscribed to her! (And if that is the case, your father was the best theory teacher anyone could ever have.)

  5. Everyone (particularly musicians) should go and buy as many Rose recordings as they can, and listen to them as often as possible!

    • JosĂ© Bergher says:

      On pages 440-452 of Steve Honigberg’s marvelous book, which I purchased more than two years ago, there is a list of recordings and videos of Leonard Rose.

  6. Chris H. Smith says:

    This is one of the best Christmas presents I have every received. Thank you.

  7. Laura Sewell says:

    It brought back wonderful memories of studying with him, and I loved seeing and hearing footage I’ve never encountered before. Thank you so much for posting this!

  8. Joe LeBauer says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video of Leonard Rose. I was fortunate to hear him perform during his many visits to Greensboro. He was so inspirational and supportive of cousin Shelly Morgenstern and the Eastern Music Festival which is entering the 52nd year.

  9. A surprising great find and samples of recordings that inspire more listening! Curiosity moved me to have a passing look at the video but I couldn’t stop and stayed until the end. What came through, also an encouragement to the less self-possessed among us, was the repeated admittance of his uncertainty and the immense work and practice that Rose did in order to fulfil his own need to feel prepared but still had doubts. I was lucky to have heard him in a cycle of Beethoven Cello Sonatas with Vladimir Sokolov, also another Curtis teacher and noted accompanist.

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