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Breaking: Scots arts chief quits

Andrew Dixon has resigned as chief executive of  Creative Scotland. He has been under pressure for film flops, all-male juries and other public furores. His chairman (left) will man the phones.

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  1. Joep Bronkhorst says:

    He wasn’t being blamed for the film flop; Creative Scotland obfuscated its role in funding it. (And why should it have? If audiences don’t like a film, it’s hardly the funder’s fault.) But it’s really because CS has gone down the Arts Council route re decision-making and lack of communication; you could have linked to this article, from two months ago:

  2. Jonathan May says:

    These are interesting times in the Arts in Scotland.This link is to the original letter signed by 100 distinguished Scottish arts practitioners. Subsequently another 300 + signed up.

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