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Boys choir clocks one million hits in 14 days

The Wuppertal Knabenchor, featured on Slipped Disc, had received 984,264 hits on Youtube at noon today – an astonishing success for an initiative that was launched in Germany without marketing or any press coverage.

A week ago, when we were tipped off about the video, the viewing had just reached half a million. By our conservative reckoner, half of the next half-million hits have come from Slipped Disc readers. More heartening still, over 2,000 Slipped Disc readers have been moved to click and donate to the International Childrens’ Fund, for whom the video was made.

What’s needed now is for a record label to sign up the boys before Christmas and take them on tour. Why should Vienna have all the fun?

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  1. Jocelyne Marchand says:

    2,000 out of a million – so 0.02% have donated – interesting

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