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Arts Council England announces cuts levels for the next two years

It will be one percent across the board for 2013/14 and two percent for 2014/15. Chief exec Alan Davey insists that he can find no further cuts in his organisation’s headcount, a statement that defies belief.

He called the situation ‘extremely challenging’, which it will be to some hard-pressed smaller orgs.  Read on here.

However, compared to most Euro zone nations, this is a very, very small trim indeed.

The notable exception is Germany, which has actively increased its arts budget.


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  1. “More people attended museums in Germany, he added, than went to professional football matches.”

    In my opinion, the Arts Council is hopeless at making a case for the arts. A statement like this might be a little simplistic, but it counters the common assertion (common in the UK anyway) that the arts are a tiny, elitist, minority interest that doesn’t matter very much.

  2. Stephen Carpenter says:

    Why is it important to try to destroy any access to our cultural heritage? I’m thinking about not only the geniuses and insightful work but also that internal inquisitiveness to make something new and push forward. Historically, the folks that performed the music, that labored at the easel, that put on the ballet shoes, that wrote the lines, were pretty much common folk who caught the attention of those who made art happen.
    So, now that the populists are in control, their own heritage of finding and promoting the best that is possible from a human is the enemy.
    Well, it seems to be working real well in the short term but history is on the side of the artist whoever, whatever and wherever they may be and when a kid plays an oil can cello and performs a Bach cello suite- this should mean something important and frightening to all those who are consumed by the “money or lack thereof.”

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