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Anyone playing Schnittke’s version of Silent Night?

All the accidentals are intentional, every variant is preset.

And yet it’s a beautiful thing, agonisingly beautiful.

An anonymous gift from Youtube.

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  1. Dr. Marc Villeger says:

    It’s not BIS Wallin/Pontinen and it’s not Kremer’s… not that there is anything wrong with that ;-)

  2. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    Thank you… Just like hearing Thelonious Monk deconstruct old tunes…

  3. Schnittke must have had a terrible childhood.

    Slightly more seriously, doesn’t this sound a bit like John Cage’s Quartet?

  4. Helen Tuckey says:

    This music was used as very powerful and poignant ballet dance for a struggling couple … danced in Perth Western Australia at least a decade ago, part of a free public outdoor ballet concert before Christmas. Very moving … a recording was used, for outdoor acoustic reasons, although the rest of the program was accompanied by the live West Australian Symphony Orchestra (miked).

  5. Lucienne Schroepfer says:

    Thanks for posting. I need to put this into our mix for next year!

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