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And the winner of the 2012 Gershwin Prize for Popular Song is….

Presented by the Library of Congress, it’s…

Carole King. See here.

Carole King with Don Kirschner

photo: Don Kirschner with Carole King and Gerry Goffin (c) Lebrecht Music&Arts


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  1. I like Carole King’s music alot. But they should never name a prize for popular music after Gershwin. It’s unfair to the recipients. Why? Because there’s never been popular songwriter since Gershwin. The guy was in a class by himself. Might as well create a Mahler award for symphonic composition. No matter who won it, they can never measure up to the fellow after whom the prize is named.

    FWIW / IMHO…

  2. I cannot think of a more worthy recipient. The music of Carole King has been a source of enjoyment for me my whole life.

  3. Stephen Carpenter says:

    There are few around with more consistent depth in her(is) writing than Carole King. Well deserved. congratulations to Ms. King.

  4. She would get my vote too.

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