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While waiting for this violin concerto, you may grow very old

On Sunday, I heard Leonidas Kavakos give an unduly restrained performance of the Berg concerto with the LSO. He should have been playing the UK premiere of Osvaldo Golijov’s new concerto, but it wasn’t ready – as it wasn’t twice this year for Los Angeles and Berlin premieres. Kavakos is having to learn a whole load of other rep while waiting for the never-never.

Tonight, Philadelphia and Carnegie Hall announced it won’t be ready for the next scheduled date, in January. Kavakos will play the Szymanowski instead.

Golijov said:  ”Regardless of how they fare later in life, some works have a pleasant birth, while others a difficult one. The violin concerto belongs to the second type, and I can only hope that when it is ready to see the world, it will be worthy of the artistry of Leonidas Kavakos, as well as that of the other artists and presenters who entrusted me with its creation.”

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  1. He seems to be going through the inner struggle and birthing pains that artists sometimes go through, and it is all the more difficult because he does want to get it right. Meanwhile, Kavakos is performing great repertoire, which is all to the benefit of his audiences.

  2. Gary Carpenter says:
    • Greg Hlatky says:

      “It is an established fact that this old Rossini, who was certainly not lacking in ideas, never missed an opportunity that came his way to appropriate the ideas of others if fate willed that a felicitous tune should fall into the lap of a lout. He made no fuss about admitting it, and would even mock the man he was robbing. ‘E troppo buono per questo coglione’ ['It's too good for that bastard'] he would remark” – Berlioz, “Evenings with the Orchestra” (25th evening).

  3. Paweł Kotla says:

    Great news for Szymanowski’s fans!

  4. Sally Manderblut says:

    Golijov is the Lance Armstrong of concert music, he just hasn’t found the right dope, a proper slave writer for his violin concerto; his usual “arrangers” are not violin experts, apparently, but he can hum the themes over the phone.

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