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Which albums have just won the German critics prize for 2012?

Can you bear the suspense?

Let us ease it. No Netrebko. No Lang Lang. No big label signings.

Do we like that?

Here’s the full list:

Three tiny hints…

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  1. I won’t be rushing out to buy any of those.

  2. Wot, no Katherine?

  3. They seem very kind to Americans. Four of the ten albums are from American artists, and one about Hitler’s exiles in Hollywood. That’s fully half of the selections.

  4. No big label signing? I wonder what Hilary Hahn and Deutsche Grammophon are.

  5. Go get ‘em Ciconia! About time for a breakout album from him. With a 2nd complete-works album Ciconia pulls well ahead of the other early-music wannabes who sandwich Ciconia chronologically, such as Machaut, Josquin, Ockeghem and Dunstable.


  6. If Hilary and Valentina did nothing else before the parting of the ways, at least they did one great album together. But I wouldn’t exactly call that an off-the-wall choice — the #2 violinist in the world and the #1 pianist in the world on DG? C’mon. That’s really no surprise.

    • Ed P,

      No, Vettel is #1 and Alonso #2 in the world. Yes, Hilary and Valentina did one great album together. Ranking of best ? C’mon….

    • Oh, numbering system for artists. In which category did Valentina win gold? Bach hurdles? Skrjabin marathon? Or guerilla marketing wrestling?

    • “If Hilary and Valentina did nothing else before the parting of the ways, at least they did one great album together….”

      Why do you say “parting of the ways”? They continue to perform together, for example in April 2013 in Seattle.

  7. George King says:

    Ciconia and Mozart (from Bezuidenhout) show the Germans have a lot more discernment than some might give them credit for. Very few anywhere can give Mozart as much depth and expression as Bezuidenhout — fully deserved.

  8. Robert Hairgrove: they split more then a year ago so if Seattle is still advertising Valentina with Hilary you probably should give them a call. I think it is Hauschka now.

    • @Isildur, @Edward:
      There are several other recital dates listed on Ms. Hahn’s own website as recently as last Nov. 6 which announce Valentina Lisitsa as her pianist:

      I’ve also seen others besides Seattle. If they split, it must have been more recent than a year ago, unless all of these announcements are out of date! Do you have a link for info on the split-up?

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