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Vigil for McCartney’s guitarist, Henry McCullough

The Northern Ireland musician, a member of the Wings band, is in critical condition after a severe heart attack. His death has been falsely reported (and retracted) twice on BBC local radio and in the Belfast press, but Henry is hanging on for dear life and requires our prayers.

His epic moment came in the #1 Wings hit, My Love.

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  1. Henry- Hang on in there thoughts and prayers are with you from the British Beatles fan Club- You are a great guitarist and a special guy. Love to your family too at this time we are all hoping you pull through. I remember My Love like it was yesterday xxxx

  2. We’re all rooting for Henry here in the USA. As a founder member of Hinkleys Heroes, Henry is a special friend.
    I have called both Henry’s home and the hospital. Please keep us informed of Henry’s progress.
    Ironically I had a two hour chat with Henry on Saturday 3rd November, just two days before he had the heart attack . C’mon Henry!
    Love to Josie, Jesse and family.
    Tim Hinkley

  3. Mick Weaver says:

    Henry, I’ve known you for forty years, and this is not big enough to take YOU! Hang on there, big fella, we’re all with you.


  4. i love your solo on “MY LOVE” that was a brilliant solo,i’m glad Paul(McCartney)gave you the credit you deserved for that solo on that McCartney song.i hope you got royalies for that…..Henry,hang in there,you can servive this……my prayers on for you……god speed,and god bless you……

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