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Two violin thieves jailed, one Gagliano missing

From Slipped Disc’s overworked crime reporter:

Two working lads from our district have been jailed for breaking into the Willesden house of a retired violinist, David Roth, and stealing his 1735 Guarnerius, among other objects.

They were foolish enough to try and sell it for less than £3,000 to the owner of Ealing Strings, who recognised that it was worth about 200 times that amount and contacted the police. At the point of sale, the thieves were arrested and the instrument recovered.

The culprits were jailed for eight and 12 months respectively and the happy Mr Roth gave a free recital for coppers in the canteen of Wembley Police Station. Beat that.

Less happily, a Gagliano has been stolen from a house in southeast London. If you see it, call the cops, details here.

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