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The vanishing boys of Wuppertal have gone viral

The extraordinary video made by the Wuppertal Boys Choir in aid of the International Childrens Fund has received almost 700,000 hits in a week and is rising at a rate of 100,000 a day.

No-one, it seems, was prepared for this sensation. The audience had not expected to be filmed and the boys anticipated nothing more than a routine concert. The video was the brainchild of an advertising agency, Grey in Düsseldorf, which uploaded the two-minute clip on youtube.

The choir’s next concert is on December 15.

In addition to teaching boys and girls to sing from the age of four years and up, the choir foundation provides a range of after-school activities for children of all ages, offering an invaluable social facility for pressured and single parents of the city. In a nutshell, it puts music at the heart of the community. Wuppertal’s newfound fame is well-earned.

We discover from the website that the choir came on a tour of England last month. Who knew? Next time, they’ll be mobbed.

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  1. Given that the intention of the concert was to raise money for the International Children’s Fund, it would be revealing to know if this surge in viewing rates has been accompanied by an associated swelling in the ICF coffers — and I suspect that not much money will have changed hands.

    • I’ve experienced the opposite – that causes and individuals are supported, and money *definitely* flows, when a video goes viral. Nothing personal, but I hope you are proved wrong.

  2. Nice story. Glad to see something good.
    Thanks you.

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