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The most antisemitic country in Europe, among other weekend concerns

1 Julie Bindel thinks it’s Norway. Read her Standpoint essay here.

2 But Hungary’s so damned hard to beat. We received this report:

“This week, a Hungarian MP, Marton Gyongyosi called for the government to count the Jews and to make a list of them sitting in Parliament and in government. He also stated that they cause national security risk and threats. After his remarks, none of the Hungarian MPs got shocked and upset. The Speaker of the House did not mute his microphone and did not discipline him either.

“Marton Gyongyosi, MP: I think it’s high time the government made a survey how many persons with Jewish origin are residing in Hungary, especially being member of Parliament and having high offices in the government because they cause certain national security risk to Hungary. In my view, the government owes the Hungarian people such a survey.
Zsolt Nemeth, Deputy State Secretary: Well, Mr. Gyongyosi, I cannot support such a survey. I think the number of Jews in the Hungarian government doesn’t correlate to the conflict in the Gaza strip.”Remember, Hungary was the first country that introduced the Numerus Clausus in 1920. The policy is seen as the first Anti-Jewish Act of twentieth century Europe. Many Hungarian scientists and public figures emigrated because of the Numerus Clausus.
3 Schindler’s List finds a new advocacy

4 Was Kafka any good in love? Ask the guys at Open Letters  Monthly.

5 One in the eye for the Hungarians – Gypsy Rose Lee read it here.

6 They’re still at it

7 This composer could soon go to prison. Check him out at Sinfini.

8 If you missed this extraordinary video, don’t. If you watch it, please donate. Watch here on Slipped Disc.


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  1. I am confused now. So the “Center for Holocaust Studies” (which doesn’t sound like an anti-Jewish organization to me) makes a detailed study and says anti-Semitism is not on the rise in Norway. But Bindel decides it is anyway, and goes to Norway having already made up her mind to find the “evidence” she wants to see. Very strange. Not a high standard of journalism, I think.

  2. To your attention:
    Other articles , albeit not on the same subject (European anger on continued colonozation), also interesting. Strangely or rather typically, these are never referred to in this “music” blog

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