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Solti’s life, Ida live, Rach’s Bach and the rest of your weekend leisure

1 BBC-4 aired its centennial life of Solti on Friday night, a low-budget affair that could not afford an air-trip to Chicago. The misleading title was Maestro or Mephisto – The Real Georg Solti, the only mephistophelian hints coming from a couple of grumpy players from the LPO.

But the archive material was stitched together well with some good interviews by director Andy King-Dabbs. Worth catching on the i-player here.

2 Ida Haendel, last of the golden-agers, played the Bruch concerto in Florida last night. Watch, and be amazed:

3 Does the US get the presidents it deserves? The evidence is assessed here:

4 Rach plays Bach


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  1. Michael Pearson says:

    Keith was OK about Solti and certainly not too ‘grumpy’ His colleague obviously didn’t care for Solti but then many didn’t in the LPO and I have heard far, far worse said from other members of that time!
    The Ida Haendal performance is indeed remarkable for someone of her age and occasionally one hears that great lady as she once was at her peak in the 70s and 80s. I attended most of her performances in London in those days and remember every single one of them. What a sound!

  2. John G. Deacon says:

    The Solti programme contained quite a lot of information that an EMI man like myself would not have known but I thought it ungracious that there was no reference whatever to Maurice Rosengarten (Decca’s Swiss “guru”) who, one had read, was of enormous help to Solti in the early years of his career ?

  3. We were absolutely mystified by the title of the Solti documenary. Had no relevance to what was actaully in the program. Probably a BBC hack trying to be clever. But the program itself was well worth watching if you could make out Solti’s heavy accent. What a worker he was as well as a very talented musician.

  4. I wanted to read about Rach plays Bach, but the link and/or other details seem to be missing.

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