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Salzburg books arch-rival for out-of-season concert

Salzburg goes head to head with Lucerne, every Easter and summer, for the richest audience in Europe. The two festivals do not communicate or coordinate. They are fighting for the same old scarface money.

Now, in a gesture that is getting the Swiss quite excited, Salzburg has invited the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra and its conductor Jonathan Nott to give a guest concert in the Grosses Festspielhaus. The only drawback. It’s in November. Too late for sunshine, too soon for snow.


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  1. Steve de Mena says:

    The Lucerne Symphony Orchestra isn’t the principal orchestra of the Lucerne Festival, is it? That’s the Lucerne Festival Orchestra that Claudio Abbado conducts.
    As a record collector I don’t think I have a single CD of the “Lucerne Symphony” so I’m not sure this is really Salzburg booking an “arch-rival”. That would be the Lucerne Festival Orchestra (which is the Mahler Chamber Orchestra + many prestigious orchestra members, often 1st chair members).

  2. aimee paret says:

    Steve is right. And Jonathan Nott hasn’t been the principal conductor of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra for several seasons now. I think James Gaffigan has that post now, whereas Nott is principal conductor of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra – which happens to be performing the complete Ring concertante at the Lucerne Festival under Nott in 2013.

  3. Both Steve and Aimee are right, although two caveats are needed : 1° the Lucerne Symphony is a permanent orchestra (unlike the Lucerne Festival Orchestra) whose principal and regular venue is the KKL, where the Festival also takes place; 2° the Lucerne Symphony is a regular guest of the Lucerne Summer Festival. But it should also be noted that the Lucerne SO has no substantial link with the Lucerne Festival and that its visit in Salzburg does not take place during the Salzburg festival ! So saying that Salzburg books its arch-rival is a tad exagerated (what would it be if the Mozarteum was touring in Switzerland!)

  4. Lukas Fierz says:

    Lucerne Symphony under the courageous direction of Numa Bischof regularly schedules modern works and commissions. At the same time they have acquired a loyal public. Other orchestras may be bigger and “more famous”, but they limit themselves too often to trodden paths.

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