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Questions for the chief executive of Arts Council England

Alan Davey will be online at noon today to answer your carefully filleted questions. You may take part here.

Here are a few that he might not have time to address:

1 Exactly how many ACE staff will leave the building by the end of the year?

2 Why has it taken you so long to make personnel cuts that you knew were necessary 18 months ago?

3 How much has this delay drained from the overall arts budget? Please breakdown the cost into salaries, meetings, legal fees.

4 How do you justify the above-inflation increases in your own salary?

5 How does it feel to earn more than the Prime Minister?

6 Will your lawyers pull a George Entwistle on the public purse when the dread day comes, as soon it must?

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  1. Hope someone who isn’t busy at work can pop along and ask some of these fascinating questions. Would be rather fun to see whether he has time to answer any of them.

  2. If you slipped this into a stand-up comedy act, would you get funding from the Arts Council?

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