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Pictures of Elliott Carter you won’t see in the press

Now that many English-language newspapers are locked into supermarket deals with the Getty agency, here are a few specialist views of the late composer that won’t make it onto your obit pages.

1 At rehearsal in Paris, 1991. (c) Marion Kalter/Lebrecht Music&Arts

2 Composing “Soundings” for Daniel Barenboim & the Chicago S.O, New York, April 2005. photo (c) Malcolm Crowthers

3 At the recording of his double concerto, 1961. photo (c) Don Hunstein/Lebrecht Music&Arts

4 At the Aldeburgh Festival, 1986. photo (c) Nigel Luckhurst/Lebrecht Music&Arts

5 With Igor Stravinsky. Date and photographer tbc

More to come…. if time permits

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  1. Most vivid Carter memory:

    Peter Eötvös and the (then) Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra rehearsing What’s Next for it’s Dutch premiere. Until then, Carter’s music was so difficult for me to get my head around. But that piece, in those rehearsals, just opened up an entirely new part of my ears.

    He was a singular musician. I look forward to continued exploration of what he’s left us.

  2. paul myers says:

    What a charming and entertaining man! For the first performance of the completed Lulu at the Paris Opera in 1979, I found myself seated between him and the eminent pianist/author Charles Rosen. The production left some question marks. Nobody was sure why Patrice Chereau had chosen to change the long-awaited third Act in the London garret (where she is murdered by Jack The Ripper) to a basement mens’ public lavatory, where she was apparently offering her services in a broom closet. That’s show business!
    On another occasion, a young producer (no name would be kinder) was recording the complete Carter String Quartets. At one point, the leader called through to the Control Room: “I think we need to do that section again.”
    On completing it, he asked: “Do you think you can fit that insert?”, to which the producer replied: “Listen, in a piece like this, who’s going to know?” There was a loud chuckle at his side. He had not noticed that Carter was standing next to him.!

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