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Our crime correspondent reports

It’s mostly good news.

We’ve had an informal report that the flutes stolen last week from London Lass Elma McElligott have been found and returned. Much joy among the Lasses.

In Switzerland, according to local press reports, police in Berne railway station stopped a man carrying an elegant looking instrument and asked what he was doing with it. ‘I’m an oboist,’ he said. ‘Give us a tune,’ said the cops. He couldn’t.

The oboe turned out to be stolen and rather valuable. Another case closed.

And in an interview with the Herald, composer Sally Beamish says she would never have started writing music had someone not stolen the viola on which she earned her living. ‘I decided to turn the theft into a positive,’ she reflects.


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  1. ” ‘I’m an oboist,’ he said. ‘Give us a tune,’ said the cops. He couldn’t.” – I am trying so hard not to make a cruel and unnecessary joke about this… Instead I will leave it to Thomas Beecham (I think) – “An oboe is an ill wind that blows no-one any good” :-)

  2. “that no-one blows good” is how I heard it (?)

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