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Mrs Rattle singled out for Handel birthplace award

The town of Halle has decided to honour Magdalena Kozena. The local culture minister says it’s because she’s famous. Read on here (auf Deutsch).

photo: DG

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  1. Michael Varcoe-Cocks says:

    Are we to assume from your comment on this item that you do not like “Mrs Rattle” (Magdalena Kozena)??? The report you provided the link for does NOT say that Halle has decided to honour her “because she’s famous”: it actually says “Kozená bekommt den Preis für ihre herausragenden Händel-Interpretationen”, i.e. she is getting the prize for her outstanding Handel work! The “local culture minister” actually says that she has acquired a first-class reputation on international stages with her enchanting voice – a fair factual statement – not that she is getting the prize because of her fame!

  2. Of course she gets the prize because she is famous and local politicians like to have someone famous in town.

    But referring to her as “Ms. Rattle” has some degree of misogyny – it suggests she’s only famous for being Mr. Rattle’s wife and not for her own merits. Or would you call her husband “Mr. Kozeny”? What about Mr. Netrebko, btw?

  3. Ghillie Forrest says:

    Isn’t it Lady Rattle?

  4. Comme d’habitude, notre cher Norman aime la subtile provocation qui conduit à ce que les petites infos fassent débat. Bravo, merci et continuez comme cela !

  5. veni vidi audi says:

    Competent listeners and music professionals in Berlin share the general opinion that Mrs. Rattle (Kozena) is a
    mediocre singer with a mighty husband. That’s life.

    • “Competent listeners”? So any listener who likes her is ipso facto incompetent? Please, spare us …

      I’ve always been a fan of hers, though of course I understand that not everyone shares my taste.

      In any case, folks, let’s remember that Magdalena Kozena had a solidly established career, including a DG recording contract, before she and Simon Rattle began courting.

  6. SImon Target says:

    What happened to the first Mrs Rattle? The former Mrs Berio, Elise Ross? I liked her. Is she still singing?

  7. It’s not wjat you know, but who you know?

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