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Mr Cello ain’t flying Delta no more

The eminent cellist Lynn Harrell has finally decided to tell his side of the Delta Airlines story that we trailed some weeks back. He’s not happy with Delta. Not happy all all. Read on…

If the link is temporarily down (a familiar problem), keep trying here:

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  1. Mark Pemberton says:

    That link doesn’t seem to be working?

  2. All of us should contact Delta Airlines and state that, owing to their treatment of Lynn Harrell, we will no longer be flying Delta. In addition, established organizations for musicians should register their protests and, if possible, announce that they will recommend that musicians do not fly Delta.

  3. You can boycott Delta if you want, but they are helping keep the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra alive.

  4. Don’t forget the Delta Classic Series at the Atlanta Symphony!

  5. I’m still sort of o_O over the fact that the AIRLINE mistakenly gave him miles while he sat there and nefariously did nothing while they screwed up regarding their own supposed policy.

    They violated THEIR policy by assigning miles to something bluntly named Cello Harrell, and then blamed him for it? It sounds like a retailer who mistakenly — and clandestinely — slipped $20 into a customer’s wallet and then reported them for theft a couple years later.

  6. Whether you are on strong legal ground or not, more power to you Mr. Harrell. Anyway, even if I don’t always agree with your playing, you are a cellist, and that makes you a standup guy in my book. And, your father was one of the great opera singers- I remember frequently overdosing on his performance of Wozzeck (with the NY Philharmanic conducted by Mitropoulos) when I was a hapless college student (studying cello, of course).
    (No, I didn’t mean to say that the symphony was also ODing, though the music was intoxicating and addictive.)

  7. One more observation- look at Lynn’s left hand in the picture. What do you see? A budding ballet dancer !!

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