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Manchurian Candidate to be made into opera

Here’s a snippet of political news that missed the front pages. Richard Condon’s 1959 Cold War thriller, which yielded two movies, has been commissioned by Minnesota Opera from Pulitzer-winning composer Kevin Puts. Production is scheduled for 2014-15.

Who do we think should sing the Frank Sinatra role?

Past credits: music for the 1962 movie was by David Amram, for the 2004 remake by Rachel Portman.


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  1. Nathan Gunn

  2. The most operatic of the characters is surely the mother, Angela Lansbury in the original film. What a great plot to tackle in this art form, though it’s hard for me to believe any iteration will ever top Frankenheimer’s masterpiece.

  3. Victoria Clarke says:

    Yes, good. We all need an opera about Barack Obama.

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