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Top violin dealer quits after 55 years

Charles Beare has announced his retirement from the family business.Charles started work in January 1958 and has acted as expert consultant to many of the world’s leading virtuosi. Many became close friends. Nathan Milstein entrusted him with the sale of his Stradivarius, a process that took longer than a decade due to the artist’s extreme fastidiousness.

At a time when the reputation of violin dealers is lower than ever, Charles’s cool judgement will be sorely missed.

Here’s the retirement announcement.



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  1. Beare was one of the biggest, if not the biggest powerhouse in an industry that for generations has too often been a shady one based on false perceptions, phony appraisals, and cutthroat competition with anyone not in the club- and it always helped to have a master craftsman on call to do the repairs without damaging the precious merchandise to give the dealership end of the business credibility. Some will mourn his retirement, others may not.

  2. Very much looking forward to Charles Beare’s book on the Venetian Luthiers!

  3. If he started work in January 1958 he has been working for just under 55 years, not 65!

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