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Just in: Crisis in Chicago as chorus master quits

Our friend Lawrence A Johnson is first with the news that the chorus master of the Lyric Opera has quit, halfway through his first season.

Martin Wright, 55, had been chorus director at Netherlands Opera from 2006 until Chicago made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Why he has quit the job so quickly is unclear. ‘Health reasons’ are all that is being said. We hope Mr Wright is not seriously unwell.

If you know more about the circumstances, do tell.

An interim replacement is to be announced by Lyric chief, Anthony Freud.

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  1. Harry Kessler says:

    Mr. Wright’s departure might not come as a surprise to many folks in San Diego, where he worked for many years before he went to Europe (and for a time afterward, too). What was surprising, to begin with, was his engagement in Chicago, where there was a tradition – a standard – that was far and away higher than any he had had to face before. His departure adds to the mounting worry about the state of things at Lyric Opera.


    • Jan van Dooren says:

      Dear Mr Kessler,
      I know nothing about the circumstances of Mr Wright’s departure. But your comment is utter nonsense.
      Mr Wrigth has worked at the highest level since he left San Diego. He was chief of the Large Broadcasting Chorus in the Netherlands, one of the top choruses in Europe and led the Netherlands Opera Chorus with tremendous results. Sour grapes maybe on your behalf?
      Jan van Dooren

    • Netherlands Opera doesn’t have high standards?!? Oh wait… that’s right… it’s not in America, and is not La Scala or Covent Garden, so therefor must be third rate. Right….

    • What exactly is “the state of things at Lyric Opera,” Mr. Kessler?

  2. “Harry Kessler,” once again living down to his reputation …

  3. Daniel J. Greenbush says:

    Mr. Wright’s work in San Diego was of the highest level. His reputation as a superb musician was shared by the community. He left, unexpectedly, for “health reasons”. There were many rumors but no facts. As part of the musical community of San Diego I wish Mr. Wright the best of health and success in the future. Daniel Greenbush

  4. Gregory long says:

    Everyone in San Diego and particularly the San Diego Opera Chorus where he was Chorus Master for thirteen years have nothing but the utmost repect for Martin Wright. He is a dedicated musician and no matter who he touches, they know he is the real deal in any performance. He has all the skills: piano, singer, conductor, voice coach and teacher and finally always a warm gregarious friend.

  5. Graf Nugent says:

    Er, wasn’t this hinted at in a post a few weeks back? I’ve heard reports from friends in the business in the USA but wouldn’t cite them without knowing more about either Mr. Wright or his health issues.

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