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Just in: Cleveland names ex-IMG agent as head of artistic planning

It’s Mark Williams who, after a spell at IMG, served three years at San Francisco Symphony learning the trade and doing deals with Disney. A sometime horn player, he studied with two Cleveland Orchestra musicians.

The Cleveland artistic planning job has become something of a revolving door. Let’s see what an ex-agent can do.


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  1. His photo looks like he is a 16 year old boy. Is that really his age?

    • I don’t mean to be a pill but what a tiresome and ignorant thing to say. I happen to look about 10 years younger than I am and i have really lost patience with coments like that. I have been making my way through the ranks of arts administration at some rather high profile organizations and I am revolted by board members and even direct supervisors referring to my age and comparing me to their nephews and grandsons and criticizing my performance not by giving specific feedback about errors but calling me immature and telling me that I do my job “like a boy rather than a man.” I actually filed a grievance against one boss because he wouldn’t stop talking in those terms about me even after I told him it was offensive. And I know it springs from my appearance and not my performance. Is this something that will be a roadblock to my career? I hope my next job interview isn’t with someone with an attitude like yours.

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