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I am so proud of our Slipped Disc readers

Over the past couple of days, some 50,000 of you have stopped by to watch a boys’ choir in Wuppertal enact an extraordinary video for International Children’s Day. Of these viewers, more than 600 have spent an extra minute and some of their money to donate to the International Children’s Fund by clicking the link beneath the video.

We have no idea how much money was donated. But, in an indifferent world, hundreds of you have shown concern for infant mortality – a concern that Gustav Mahler put at the heart of his first symphony (below). We are greatly moved by your compassion, and very, very pleased to have helped this important cause.

Here’s the link again, if you want to keep on giving:

William Lindsay Windus, ‘Study of a Dead Child, the Artist’s Son’ 1860.

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  1. Paul D. Sullivan, Boston US says:

    Thanks for the link again Norman.

    One point I’d like to make is why so many of these charities and non-profits still do not have a Paypal link for donations. In today’s bad economic times many people (like myself) no longer like to use credit cards. I’m very more apt to give a donation via Paypal as it is debited directly from my bank account, requires much less time, allows me to track spending far easier, and I am not required to put out allot of personal info. such as credit card no., tel. no., address, email address, etc.

    Just a thought.

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