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Hint to Verbier, Aldeburgh and Salzburg: legalise pot and your future’s assured

The state of Colorado just did.

Overnight, Aspen’s music festival bookings went through the roof. Read about it here.

(And do check the small print on the bottom line).

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  1. Somehow I can’t see the sedate people of Aldeburgh allowing pot! I was lucky enough to participate in the Aldeburgh Festival as a boy. I was a chorister at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in the 1970s, and remember George Malcolm performing on the harpsichord at the Cathedral as part of the festival. I got his autograph afterwards, but then managed to lose it. His Missa ad Praesepe remains one of my favourite Mass settings.
    I also remember being at Snape Maltings for a performance of Carmina Burana, and someone actually had a heart attack during O Fortuna! A Doctor friend was with us and treated the man on the scene – he made a full recovery

  2. I’m not sure if the joke’s on you Norman or whether the joke’s on me, but did you see the disclaimer at the bottom of the article?

    “Note: Submediant is a satirical segment within The Backyard (see: the logo), and its contents should not be mistaken for real events—however believable.”

    (having said that, I think drugs are virtually a requirement for visitors to the Huddersfield contemporary music festival…)

  3. alas, if only this were true, but unfortunately the deadline for submitting applications to aspen was on november 1st.

    nice satire, however, and i wonder how many people get the joke about 4″33 being 13 seconds shorter… ;-)

    • Actually only early applications were due November 1st. Final deadline (with increased application fee) due January 1st — still time to apply to the highest music school on the planet!

      P.S. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  4. William Safford says:

    As a friend of mine wrote to me: “I wonder if more people will audition for the Colorado Symphony?”

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