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Ghastliest classical cover of 2012?

This one from Munich is going to win, unless you can trump it.

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  1. Rosana Martins says:

    This must be the 1st Prize winner of the worst cover ever!

  2. No wonder the border guards tried to stop him getting into Germany!

  3. They’ve got to be kidding!! Is this cover “conceptual art” (abstraction be damned) or “post-expressionist”? Or maybe Rinaldo is in the process of getting his alto castratoed? Or maybe it’s a new ballet lift?

  4. ElizabethW says:


  5. Hee-hee! He posted this in his FB. He was like, “I swear I didn’t see this …” The general response was a sort of George Takei quality, “Oh MY.”

  6. And frankly … you know, I’d like to see a collection of similar “damsel in distress threatened in freaky way” covers from opera. I tend to smirk when a graphic cliche is suddenly recognized as being patently ridiculous only when a man is put in the place usually occupied by a woman, although I know that observations like this as so painfully unfashionable nowdays …

  7. Love the diamond on the finger! Is that real?

  8. Ichtrinkkeinwein says:

    This is 11 years old. The production has traveled during that time, to Zurich among other places.

    It is listed as “Rinaldo (2012)” on Amazon because that site lists *everything* with the current year until and unless: (A) someone actively informs it of the correct year; and (B) its staff can verify the correction, such as by looking on the back of the packaging.

  9. Ichtrinkkeinwein says:

    That correction has been made on but not on, in the case of this particular title. See

  10. José Bergher says:

    Nothing beats the cover of the recording of Ricky Strauss’ “Salome,” with Birgit Nilsson’s face.

    • Peter - a different Peter from the other Peter says:

      Pretty bad indeed – looks like a cross between the shroud of Turin and the elephant man. With a solitary eye pasted at the bottom of the picture. That is really odd.

    • Tim Durham says:

      Couldn’t agree more – the Nilsson/Salome cover the worst of all time!!

  11. Eww.

  12. Guys, please show the DVD cover above to Riccardo Muti for his opinion…..

  13. Petros Linardos says:

    Worthy of a Eurotrash production.

  14. The Maltese Falcon says:

    Anyways it don’t beat the lady who appeared with a violin and nuffink else!

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