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Exclusive: Domingo is shooting Bohos in Brooklyn

Our New York associate Elizabeth Frayer has been given exclusive access to progress on a production of La Boheme that is being shot on the streets and subways of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

(That’s Mimi waiting for the uptown, in case you were wondering.)

The producer is Alvaro Domingo, son of the opera legend, and the singers are mostly cast from winners and runners-up of his father’s Operalia competition. So, it’s all in the family.

But there is plenty of new narrative and contemporary music and the film is being scheduled for release some time next year. Read Elizabeth’s report here.

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  1. Sebastian Petit says:

    Don’t wish to appear negative but this sounds horrible! Lights blue touchpaper…

    • As if “Rent” wasn’t enough….

      • “Rent” was pretty horrible. This could be the same, worse, or there could be a miracle.

        • Why do you say “Rent” was “pretty horrible”? I know a lot of theater 20 and 30 somethings who were enraptured and it increased awareness of a nexus between opera and modern musical theater. Is this ‘horrible’?

  2. Shooting bohos might be bad, but at least they’re not shooting hobos.

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