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Burgled string quartet will play tonight’s concert on borrowed notes

The Brodsky Quartet, who had 40 years’ worth of scores stolen from two cars while on a ‘Wheel of 4Tunes’ tour of Holland, have somehow managed to scramble together a programme for tonight’s concert in Utrecht.

Here’s how:

Schubert – Quartet Satz (borrowed privately)

Shostakovich no.8 (offered by the Matangi Quartet, then bought in a shop)
- interval -
Theo Verbeij – Spring Rain (e-mailed the scores just now) - Dutch premiere
Debussy – String quartet (borrowed privately).
The show goes on.
Their Dutch management tell us: ‘It’s still a nightmare for the upcoming Wheel concerts in the UK next week and a second set of 6 here in Holland in December. The quartet are very upset, currently on their way to the UK embassy in Amsterdam to get emergency passports.’
They would like to thank countless Slipped Disc readers who have been in touch with offers of support. And they are offering a 500 Euros reward for the return of their music. Many of the manuscripts are composer originals, written uniquely for the Brodskys to play.
If you can help with scores, concert clothes, creature comforts or in any other way, please email now.
UPDATE: Here is one of the scores that is missing. The composer, Jorge Grundman, is trying to get the group a replacement set. You can listen to their performance in Madrid:
2nd UPDATE: And here’s what happened at the concert.
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