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An encore for Lou Rispoli

Two New York pianists, Jenny Lin and Lois Svard, have changed their Greenwich House UnCaged program this Thursday to include a tribute to Lou Rispoli, the music administrator who was brutally murdered on the streets this month in an apparent homophobic assault.

The piece they will include is Virgil Thomson’s musical portrait of Lou, who worked for many years as the composer’s indispensable secretary and offered great assistance to many of his colleagues.

The New York Times, you may recall, did not report Lou’s murder. Nor has it reported the police investigation. Nor did it publish an obituary. I guess it won’t be reviewing this recital. If you happen to go and want to review for Slipped Disc, do let us know in advance.

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  1. Francis Schwartz says:

    Good afternoon, Norman.
    I wanted to let you know that I spoke about this horrible murder last week in a concert dedicated to my music at the University of South Florida in Tampa. A movement in “On the State of Children,” which I composed in order to elevate consciousness about child abuse, is titled “The Hate Lesson”. It deals with homophobia and the cruelties that still plague our society. During the performance, Lou Rispoli’s photo was projected as was Matthew Shepards’ in remembrance of these victims.

  2. It is not certain yet whether Lou Rispoli’s murder was the result of a hate crime, so no one can say for sure that this horrible act was in fact a homophobic assault.

  3. Gay or not, homophobic motive or not, what should anger any human being is that another human being was murder in the streets and no follow up ever has been given to the public as to what has happened in terms of capturing those responsible for this crime. It is now December 12, nearly two months since Lou Rispoli was brutally struck down. What’s happened since? We live in Sunnyside and were disturbed by learning of this incidence, but just as disturbed in that we had not heard of it until coming across a memorial wreath hung outside the gates of corridor near the main entrance way of the building Lou had resided. Keep the public pressure up in asking the police station chiefs and local council electives what is happening.

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