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A music critic gets naked in pursuit of biographical truth

Yeah, been there, done that.

You may recall my reports last year from the Finnish frontline, sharing a midnight sauna with Valery Gergiev and exposing the orchestral steam rooms of Helsinki’s fantastic new concert hall.

Well, hard upon my heels comes the intrepid Mary Kunz Goldman who, in pursuit of the elusive pianist Leonard Pennario, went boldly where no Buffalo music critic has gone before – into the very heart of the shvitz.

Read her evocative report right here.

The lady in the picture, by the way, is not Mary. At least, I think it isn’t. I never wear my specs in the shvitz….

Readers are warmly (sic) invited to add photos or post wishlists of music critics they would like to see unclothed.

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  1. I’d like to have another chat with Mr Northcott, a music critic and the composer of the lovely ‘Poet and Star’ fully clothed though. Mr Northcott’ through his PA very kindly responded to my postings and questions!!!!*******

  2. I don’t get it. Lennard Pennario died 4 years ago. What does her going to the sauna now have to do with anything musical, let alone Pennario…. ??

    • Mary’s comment is one of the funniest blog entries I’ve ever read. In it she says she once had a conversation with Pennario about times in their lives involving nudity. Given the topic I had to look up her photo. As noted, she’s not the person pictured above. She’d probably look a lot more innocent in a sauna, though just as beautiful.

  3. Francis Schwartz says:

    Ah, Norman. A bit of steamy prose to gladden our Sunday. . .
    Cordially, Francis

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