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Your weekend listening, reading browsing begins here

1 How J F Kennedy wire-tapped his visitors

2 Charles Aznavour sings Yiddish… Enrico Macias responds in Armenian

3 The poet who two-timed Eleanora Duse

4 How to wreck an orchestra


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  1. Aviva Rosenbloom says:

    Fascinating and fun! The non-Jewish one (Aznavour), who grew up in the Jewish Marais district, sings the Yiddish (Jewish) song; the Jewish Algerian (Macias) sings the Armenian song! They both sing the Jewish song Hava Nagila.
    Then we segue to Aznavour’s version of the Russian (gypsy?) song “Two Guitars”, sung in French and Russian.
    What an odyssey!
    Wish my French were better, so I could understand their patter. Can anyone help?

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