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Yet another edition of Mahler’s 10th? Apparently so….

Look what’s just turned up in the mail:

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  1. David Snyder says:

    I’m beginning to think Mahler would wonder why people aren’t writing their own music.

  2. I welcome any new attempt at completing/orchestrating this work, having found the over-played Deryck Cooke version deficient in many ways, not least in the work he assigned to the strings. The Cooke version’s string writing is not nearly as complex and subtle as Mahler probably would have finally written, if his 9th Symphony is any guide.


  3. Michelle Castelletti says:

    “Important new material has emerged on Mahler’s Tenth Symphony which will undoubtedly be of interest not only to scholars but also to all who are drawn to this enigmatic, unfinished masterpiece.” Frans Bouwman, Mahler’s Tenth Symphony: Rediscovered Manuscript Pages, Chronology, Influences and Performing Versions – in Barham, J (ed.) (2007), Perspectives on Gustav Mahler, Ashgate Publishing.

    It has been a fascinating journey.

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