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Conductor battles to save scores as tree falls on studio

Marin Alsop, music director of the Baltimore Symphony, woke to find the hurricane had brought a tree down on the studio where she keeps her collection of several thousand scores and where she does all her studying and preparation. The rain was pouring in and some of the scores were damaged. While starting the rescue operation, Marin shot two pictures for Slipped Disc.

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  1. Mark Janello says:

    She needs to have that branch saved and made into batons.

    (Here’s hoping the damage was minimal.)

  2. Grant Barnes says:

    Thank you for posting Marin’s photos; local archivist organizations in the D.C. area can advise on preservation of water-damaged scores and protection of all. I wish her, and the many artists and musicians affected by Superstorm Sandy resilience, courage, and stamina in the recovery. An assessment of the potential damage was published in yesterday’s Billboard,, and it’s probably now an overly optimistic projection.

  3. It looks like Nothung, the sword of Siegfried….:)

  4. Tell Marin this would have never happend if she had stayed in Colorado :-) We miss her!

  5. You sure there isn’t a sword stuck in that branch? Looks like a Eurotrash (Sandytrash?) production of Die Walkure.

  6. richard ilomaki says:

    Vacuum freeze drying can restore wetted documents almost to the way they were prior to being wet. Insurance salvors do it all the time.

  7. Grant Barnes says:

    Marin Alsop is a frequent contributor to the American radio channel NPR, and is coincidentally conducting Barber, Golijov and Tchaikovsky with the Los Angeles Philharmonic this weekend. On Saturday, Nov. 3, NPR’s “Morning Edition” aired an interview with the Maestra, who was already in Los Angeles when her studio was damaged, and she gave further details about the event as well as how important the scores are to her career. Listen at

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