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The British composer who preferred … Prague

Geraldine Muchova, a Scot who lived through the communist Czech darkness and emerged with her integrity intact, has died at the great age of 95. A rising talent in wartime London, Geraldine met Jiří Mucha, the artist’s son, and accompanied him home after the liberation.

Here‘s a Radio Prague appreciation.

And here’s the British composer who preferred Vienna. They went everywhere.

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  1. Gary Carpenter says:

    Should that be ‘lived’ – although I’d like to think it’s correct as is…

  2. An interesting tendency among British composers to re-locate.
    I also think of Chris Newman (perhaps not polite enough for the UK composing scene) who has mostly been based in Cologne and Berlin. Also, Brian Ferneyhough who has spent the greater part of his life in either Freiburg or the San Diego.
    I wonder to what extent it influences their approach to composing?

  3. Tony Firshman says:

    What a ‘lovely’ misprint – “Geraldine Muchova, a Scot who loved through the communist Czech darkness….”

    That is the reverse of my oft typed ‘Tiny’ for my name!

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