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Stephen Spielberg and John Williams to launch fundraiser for Atlanta’s sinking Symphony

The orchestra, $20 million in the red, has just announced a benefit evening hosted by the film-maker and his favourite composer.

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Do these Hollywood guys know what they are putting their names to? This is an orch that penalises its players for its bosses’ errors, an orch for which no player of quality wants to audition, an orch that has the worst labour-relations reputation in America.

Even if the film stars turn up for the benefit, there is a risk (we hear) that many of the players may shun it.

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  1. harold braun says:

    Don`t you think the players might benefit from this?ITo me it looks good that people like Mr.Williams and Mr.Spielberg show their support for this wonderful orchestra.And,being the humble and deeply humanitarian musician he is.Maestro Williams surely wont`do anything which is not in favour of the musicians.

  2. It’s unlikely musicians would turn their backs on such a generous offer that will benefit the org’s bottom line.

  3. elizabeth tiscione says:

    I am a member of the ASO and I have not heard about boycotting the Spielberg/Williams show. Actually the majority of us are excited to work with such legends. Personally I am disappointed that this is a fundraiser for the education department and not the endowment of the symphony. Don’t get me wrong…education is very important to us, but it wouldn’t be possible without the musicians.

    • Carol Edwards says:

      Instead of gripping about this being a disappointment that it’s an education fundraiser, why not celebrate the fact that a) two very important people are lending their names to promoting your art and your organization (which I love), and b) not be so self centered to say “it wouldn’t be possible without the musicians.” While I am sure there is lots that I do not know, I am pretty sure there are a whole slew of people behind you making it possible as well.

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