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Russian director marks his 95th birthday with new production

Yuri Lyubimov, lion of Russian theatre, turned 95 on September 30th. He spent the day in the Vakhtangov Theatre, where he has worked since 1946, rehearsing a new staging of Dostoevsky’s The Dispossessed. Next up: Prince Igor at the Bolshoi. He’s unstoppable.

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  1. Pierre Audi says:

    The Possessed not the Disposessed, is a show he created at the Almeida Theatre in London in 1984 while he was in exile from Soviet Russia. He lived in my apartment with his wife and child for 6 months and learned one morning at the breakfast table on the radio that he had been stripped of his nationality. The Possessed which starred 16 of the finest British actors of the day (Nigel Terry, Harriet Walters, Bernard Loyd, …) was set up as a co-production with Giorgio Strehler’s Theatre de l’Europe in Paris and Milan. Channel 4 filmed the show subsequently. This was one of the most extraordinary projects I was privileged to have produced. Its an amazing feeling to see this great man just as fit, good looking and vital as he was in 1984 still active in theatre and opera in the new Russia. Expect him to be active for a long time still.

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