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Just in: Eminent pianist rushed to hospital in Berlin

We’ve received a report that the Greek pianist Cyprien Katsaris broke down during a recital in Berlin on Monday night and was rushed to hospital. No further details are known. We wish him a swift recovery. Please let us know if you have details of his recovery.

Here’s the report from a Slipped Disc reader:

I attended a concert of pianist Cyprien Katsaris in the Berlin Konzerthaus last night. Towards the end of the concert, as Katsaris was playing his own arrangement of Liszt’s Concerto no. 2 for solo piano, he stopped playing, and announced that he lost sensation in his left arm, and asked the audience if there is a doctor in the audience. After a very short pause of silence from the audience, he asked again if there is a doctor in the audience saying “this has never happened to me”. At this point a few people went on stage and evacuated him backstage, and later on to the hospital. The impression was that he was having a stroke on stage, and it got us worried about his condition.


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  1. Danizl Kittler says:

    C Katsaris is a French pianist born in Chypre as far I know.
    Wish him a prompt recovery.

  2. Daniel Kittler says:

    Hmm sorry, born in Marseille

  3. Why was there no official MD in the Konzerthaus?? In the U.S. every large public hall is required by law (I believe) to have one in case of emergency.

    • The law is the same in Germany. There is a medical attendant at every major concert. In fact, they even have a rather embarrassing uniform, as our dear German cousins are want to do.

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