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Just in: A new Stradivarius scam alleged in Rome

A police investigation has begun into a Rome luthier over missing Stradivarius instruments. Read it here in Il Messaggero.

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  1. Rosana Martins says:

    I just read the article in Il Messaggero and I am astounded by this story. After reading the article, I checked Claude Lebet in Google and found out that he is supposed to be a reliable luthier.

    I haven’t found anything else on this subject, but will follow the “affair” with interest. How awful!!!

    • Lebet may be regarded as a “reliable luthier” in the sense that he has the skill to make fine instruments and to trade in them. But he was recently on trial in Switzerland for fraud, and ended up pleading guilty to most of the charges. Reportedly he faces further indictments elsewhere. When I was researching the background to a huge violin fraud case for a recent article (see the Daily Telegraph website) involving Dietmar Machold, now on trial in Vienna, I found persuasive evidence linking Mr Lebet to some of Mr Machold’s dodgier violin “deals” .

      Alix Kirsta

  2. I know for a fact that Lebet has persistently refused to pay a consignor for several years after completion of a sale, claiming that he is broke. I think that this is worthy of good investigative reporting.

  3. Here’s a recent Italian newspaper report about Claude Lebet:

    And a German report apparently based on the same article:

    If anyone has any additional information please keep us posted.

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